Squeeze's New 3D Animated Action Adventure TV Series

Jax is a fast-paced, first-quality adventure series full of action, suspense and twists and punctuated with humor, targeting kids 6-12 yo.

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Higher ground

In the near-future, intensely vertical city of Turris, forces have secretly built up for millennia. Nobody knows a worldbending battle is brewing… Certainly not Jax, a mistrustful, solitary kid with a passion for climbing. He scales everything in his neighborhood like he was born to do it.

But something has kept him from climbing out of his “comfort zone” into the heights of the city. Maybe it’s because Jax bounced from foster home to foster home until his older sister turned 18 and could take him in. Jax has always found himself staring up into the heights, knowing he could be up there, and wondering if he’d ever try it…

Until now, when a long-buried stone tower suddenly rises in the middle of the city, and a girl who can climb as well as Jax pulls him into a fast, vertiginous scramble up the side. Now he must lead the Sky Climbers, a team of adept youngsters able to channel the Pulse, the energy that surrounds us. Helped by their very special companions, the AniMatches, and guided by Blaise – Merlin's old aide – Jax and his new teammates will embark on an epic quest to stop the Machiavellian Silas and his forces and restore balance in our world, before it's too late.